AM Week 4! Heavy & Light Ball

Week 4 at AM was really tough and a great learning curve in this assignment we had to observe and animate different weighted balls and I decided to pick a beach ball and a bowling ball. I must say I learned a lot from this assignment and just simply observing. I watched a ton of reference and it came in handy but in no case a guide since beach balls like to be random at times so that wasn’t fun at first but I stuck with it and re blocked out parts I needed to and just made sure it felt right. I received a good amount of feedback from classmates and alumni and was able to push my assignment to where it is now but I am still not happy as you never are I guess 😛

I applied my revision I received from my mentor for the previous bouncing ball and pose. Notes notes notes,  I say what ever you do when animating just take notes even if you cant get feedback have a break an look at it with clearer play blast it  an just note down what you see wrong and just keep fixing but don’t go on to the point where you lose the animation you don’t want to do too much with out some feedback from others.

That just about wraps up week 4 so far everything been going great so far I am on the pendulum assignment at the moment but I’ll let you know how that goes next week until then take care

By the way I am going to be moving all my current and future animation to my Vimeo, I’m not really liking the drop-box player and Vimeo is clearer (for me anyway) 😛

AND anyone who reads my blog leave a comment with your blog I would love to see it and if you don’t have one MAKE one!

Happy Animating!






AM Week 3 The Bouncing Ball

Week 3!! Bouncing ball, we meet again 😉

So back to basics since starting AM and we have come to the ball bounce. I must say this time around I found it a lot easier than my previous attempts but I actually learned a lot about Planning and Spacing. I feel every time I animate something again I learn something new so I doubt at any point in my life that I’ll stop learning things from a sphere bouncing up and down 😛

Yeah I have to say I really enjoyed it and received great feedback from friends and the AM community. I really do have to get in the habit of giving feedback more than receiving it, Its good to see mistakes and fix them but its also good to have a fresh pairs of eyes or be someone else’s pair of eyes and build that observation skill.

Planning        Bouncing Ball

We also Had to sketch poses of excitement as well as posing out Stu in Maya to one of my selected poses. My mentor pointed out that animators go through this silhouette phase and its normal but its good to break it up and push it stronger than just a clear pose. ( Yeah…. I’m going through that phase haha) Every week I feel I am starting over again in animation and just tackle every shot as it come and cant wait till it comes to my acting shots.

Sketches          Poses

Click the Highlighted words to view what I have done this week.

I have received notes and will upload the updated versions next week 🙂


AM Week 2 Posing

So week 2 was a blast got some excellent feedback from my mentor Ray and benefited a lot from his notes. I also displayed my pose to the rest of AM and their students and received feedback that helped push my pose to what it should of been this whole time. I had to sketch a bunch of poses outside which was very different and fun to just sit and observe the way people move and catch that pose that interests you. The lecture was very informative about the principles of animation and I’ve just been soaking everything up and taking so many notes 😀 Here are my sketches and I say sketches lightly because I am not the best drawer in the world haha 😛 I also done this little animation

Rig Provided by Animation Mentor, Check out the classes they have to offer here if you are interested in character animation and definitely want to pursue it, I recommend it I am learning so much and don’t regret it at all.

These are the links to my poses (Sketches) (Pose and Revised Pose)The one on the left is the old one that wasn’t really true to my sketch because I couldn’t get it to read in the silhouette but after feedback from the AM community and Mentor I was able to push it back in the direction of my sketch and caught that essence once again, the rig is called Stu which Animation Mentor provide .


Sorry this post was late I ran into a few issues debating whether or not to post this week but I did 😛

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog I appreciate it 🙂


AM Week 1

I started Animation Mentor now and wow! The amount of resources they have to offer is insane I am just soaking up as much as I can making sure not to leave any videos out. I also had my first Q&A with my mentor Raymond Ross which was a blast! We got to hear a lot about him and his journey through animation. Other than that the rest of the Q&A was and introduction for myself and my classmates and it was really cool to hear all the different stories my classmates shared and how they decided to get into animation. Another thing about our class is that we have a Mentor Assistant who is an Alumni of AM Cody Childress you can check out his website here. Ray and Cody seem really cool and definitely know what they are talking about. I cant wait for the course to progress and receive great feedback from them and my classmates! Not much else I can say for this week since it was only an introduction but the last thing I will say that for a first week it has been fun. I cant wait to receive my new lecture tomorrow with other pieces of content AM will release.

I am sorry that I will not be uploading any animations for this post but next week or the week after that you will start seeing progressions/shots  I promise 🙂

Important side note: I have been offered a paid gig by an old friend from college to animate a list of animations for a 3D game. So that will be exciting and I will make sure to share everything about that too!

So yeah next post might be about posing I am not quite sure depending on what I receive tomorrow so you may see some drawings ;O

Happy Animating!


So I got to test one more and its’s a Sea Turtle that looks like crush from Nemo but with Shauns touch 😀

All These Rigs were modeled and rigged by Shaun Keenan, and here definitely check out his work!! Maybe get in contact with him with a demo reel and get to test these guys too. I have really enjoyed rig testing and would highly recommend you do anything animation related to keep yourself going and strive to learn everyday! I am talking to much now so here is the Swim Cycle…


So I got to test/ animate a Piranha rig which was amazing to use, I really enjoyed it and  probably one of my favorites 😀

Here it is!

It cuts out at the end just before it swims off so if you would like to see that part just download it and dont worry it will only take a sec 🙂


So I got to animate a Manatee thanks to this awesome Rig Testing opportunity. I say animating and testing these rigs are a blast and really enjoyed every moment I’ve had doing it. Sadly I will not be updating anymore rig tests after this month as I start Animation Mentor and will heavily focus on that while updating my blog to keep you guys up to date of course 😉

You will mostly see progressions and Final shots along with praises or rants WHO KNOWS?? I’m kidding, I am sure it will be a blast, I honestly cant wait to start and meet both my Mentor & Classmates!

Updated group swim cycle

So I had to redo the first animation I done because the rig got updated and it seems its working fine I think this one ended up turning out better 😛

Updated swim (click here)


Update : Rig Testing

Second shot, more realistic this time and worked with two other rigs 😀