The Infinite Mix – “You Return” by Martin Creed

I will be talking about  the chosen piece of “You return”  published by Martin Creed at the Infinite mix and what the meaning was behind it.

We begin with With a really young girl who begins to walk across the street from one side of the road to the other using a standard american pedestrian crossing.

She isn’t walking exactly how you would perceive a young girl to walk and seems to have a medical condition whether it be with one of her legs or hips. Once she crossed the road it moves onto an older woman with a clear medical problem and walks back across the road the opposite end from where the previous girl exited frame. So there was a constant continuation of walks back and fourth till it moved onto an older man hopping from one side to the next and this one made me connect with it more since he was injured and at some point in our lives we have had to hop around but couldn’t help myself with the urge to want him to move along quicker.

The whole way through this piece there is a constant upbeat soundtrack of a band which kinda of makes you feel happier and enjoy what you are watching. Martin Creed talks about the soundtrack further in an interview discussing that; “Sound can be a part of a thought process and give the image rhythm”. From the walks we are shown in You Return you get that rhythm but some of the walks visually bring down the tempo with the music still playing at the same beat which can be a little confusing and kinda break you away from that rhythm and process.

By the end of the piece we are left off with a man in his early 50’s using his arms to carry him across the road as he cant move his legs. This ended off the scene and sympathised with it the most. Maybe Martin Creed done this intentionally to make us feel grateful for our legs and how someone who cant still presses on with the world.

I feel Martin played with our perceptions using something you wouldn’t really pay attention to with a bombardment of them topped off with happy up beat music as a way to look at how he wants you to interpret which is to be taken on a journey through the different lives of others just through a walk. The music only enhanced majority of this piece but it enhanced it never the less.

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