Cinema as a brain – Inception

This is a film analysis blog post on “Cinema as a Brain”. I will be diving into what I interpret the idea of cinema to mean and how it interacts with us as we view cinema.

From what I gathered in the lecture on Cinema as a brain, we see cinema as a way of thinking, it tells us a story through its imagery and sound, in doing so, alters and in prints a way for us to evaluate what we see, and question its purpose, if any. Whether we choose to accept it or not, once we view cinema, it inevitably becomes a part of us, within our own mind, even for a second.

I chose the film Inception, which is done by a director who likes to raise questions about this topic, the idea of what we see being a reality. The film being about using dreams to manipulate and distort memories, ideas, messages to convey a new way of the dreamer’s ideology and understanding to change his mind on a view of a family issue. It does this by adding multiple layers of memories within dreams to trick the dreamer, each layer goes deeper within its consciousness. These events like cinema itself, is an extension of the mind, and in doing so substitutes it with the dreamers.

As baffling as the context is, the irony in this process is like how we see films, it playing with our own mind, adding layers of thoughts, playing with the audience’s emotions, and questioning our own sense of reality.

If we see cinema as a way of thinking, then this film encourages that notion, by its visual interpretation of what cinema is, and how it effects our own mind, through viewing we see the brain, and on the screen, we see what it truly thinks in conjunction from inside and out, as a reality and dream.


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