Cinema as Window and Frame – Game of Thrones

This is a film analysis or should I say Television show analysis blog post on “Cinema as a window – Cinema as a frame”. I will be diving into greater detail of a frame or frames using media context.

I have chosen the HBO fantasy sci-fi television show Game of thrones. Game of thrones has been a really controversial series in my eyes that tells a great compelling story of seven royal houses that are constantly shifting in power to be ruler of the seven kingdoms. This all takes place on a fictional continent of Westeros at the end of a decade-long summer 12,000 years ago. The series is able to perfectly tell several plot lines, however, it can be broken down to 3 simple stages; The first one being several great royal houses that are in war for the Iron throne. The next stage is the threat of the impending winter upon them after a decade long summer with the mythical creatures that intend to wipe out humanity as they know it. And lastly a point of view of the exiled deposed dynasty family that use to be the rulers of the seven kingdoms attempts at reclaiming the throne.




So we start off with the opening frame from the Pilot episode which basically shows us three individuals on horsebacks. That’s the basic analysis of this frame but we want to go way deeper. When the show begins we the audience are show a medium (locked) camera shot of three men but from behind a gate so even though we can see these men we can’t exactly get the full connection with them since there is an obstacle blocking our view which gives us a sense of curiosity to where these individuals are going. The composition within the frame itself is very nicely put to use with all three heads in eye line view as well as complemented by the background itself along with the gate to guide us to what we actually need to be looking at. There is no motion from this shot other than the fence rising blocking off more of our three characters giving us that feeling to try and look over or under to get the full effect of what we are getting visually.


The lighting itself is very dim and only with only the snowy weather and two torches being held which definitely give off a cold vibe feel that they are making us gravitate towards the center character who doesn’t appear to be holding a torch and feels warmest physically as well as show a more importance to this character than the other two. The same goes for the colour pallet used within the frame its very limited displaying gloomy colours with majority of the frame filled with dark/ blackened areas. You get a heavy sense of unfriendliness or gloomy vibe like these characters have been through a lot.




This shot has minimal acting and expression to emphasize the character’s attitudes even more demonstrating how they are more emotionless due to their past or current situation whether it be because of the direction they are going or coming from but also to show the effect of the weather which forces then to conserve energy. Looking at this frame with the gate blocking them off makes us focus on certain parts of the face to distinguish what they are thinking and with any expression, we as humans look towards the eyes first. We get a sense that the two outside seem to be less aware and reliant on the middle character who gives off a very determined look of someone who knows what they are doing.


Since we have already established that these character are in a very cold and dim place it would only be natural to expect that they would have to keep warm and so we are displayed with these costumes and props which not just tell us that they are in a cold location but the setting of the world they live in too. We discover just from the costumes and props alone that they are from a medieval dating back thousands and thousands of years to a world far more primitive than our own. As we are processing all of this information in we are also inducted into the scene with the sound effects of the what we are getting visually. There is no music only the sound of the gate rising in a very old and rusty tone along with the harsh blizzard winds which really conveys the scenes location and mood that much more.




Best Scenes of All SITCOMS (2014) Night’s Watchmans and the white walkers – game of thrones. Available at: (Accessed: 6 December 2016).


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