AM Week 9 & 10 Vanilla Walk and Character Walk

So this has probably been the hardest part so far during this term but it was fun exploring the hips a lot more going in depth about exaggeration and it has been very insightful. We also had to sketch and pose out a Concerned pose.

Concerned Sketches

Concerned Pose

Vanilla Walk Splined 

As for Posing I felt it went well but that only happens 10% of the time lol. I feel I really need to get posing down more than anything and it shows most of time but I am definitely getting better every time learning more and more, what to look/not look for in a pose and capturing the essence of it. For week 10 the next pose was Exhaustion which can get confusing for tired but I decided to pick a standing exhausted.

Exhaustion Sketches

Exhaustion Pose

Character Walk (Cautious)

P.S The Cautious walk does not feel cautious enough, because I had a really tough time trying to convey that personality on top of the mechanics, honestly it was a challenge but after receiving notes from my mentor and friends I have pushed it way beyond this blocking stage which I will show you next week so keep an eye out 🙂


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